Where can I see uncensored photos?
Currently avaialable on Patreon.
Where are you located?
Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC.
Where did you learn to rope bondage?
I started out by getting tied myself and watching carefully. I also copied things I saw in photos and porn, although that’s can be dangerous so is discouraged. Read a lot of great books, took a lot of workshops with great teachers.
What kind of rope/where do you get the color rope?
I prefer hemp rope, but also use jute, cotton or nylon from time to time for various other kinds of scenes. My favorite hemp rope is from Twisted Monk and my favorite jute is from Douglas Kent.
Do you offer private photo shoots?
Yes! I do offer private/paid rope & photo sessions, if you would like private photos of yourself in bondage. I also offer rope-only sessions, if you’d like to experience the rope but don’t want photos. Get in touch and we can chat about details and availability.
Can you teach me to tie?
Yes! I am currently offering classes for couples interested in learning rope ties for sex. This is a workshop-style class where you learn basic skills and specific ties, tailored to what you desire. Get in touch and we can chat about details and availability.
Do you pay the models in your photos?
No, the photos posted online are part of a long-term, ongoing art project, and the models shown do not pay and aren’t paid.
How do you find and select your rope models?
Mostly through Instagram, Fetlife, Recon, and word of mouth. Sometimes they contact me, or sometimes I see someone who looks like a kinky exhibitionist and I’ll contact them. There’s usually quite a bit of back and forth online to see if we’re a match before actually meeting up.
Can you tie me up?
At the moment I’m not actively looking for new models. I have a bunch of regular boys who I play with and shoot, and they keep my schedule pretty full! That said, if you think you've got what it takes to be a bondage model and are in the NYC area, let's chat.
What kind of guys do you like to photograph?
I find that the most successful bondage photos result from having a model who is kinky, submissive, flexible (both mentally and physically) and not camera shy. What I look for most is an interesting look, or an interesting fetish that we can incorporate into the scene. You don't need to know how to pose (in the traditional modeling sense) but should be able to let loose in front of the camera.
What if I’ve never been tied before?
No experience necessary, as long as you’re honest with yourself that this turns you on. If the idea of being tied up doesn’t cause a stir in your pants, then you probably will be bored. Beginners are a joy for me to tie up because I love giving guys a new experience.
How long is a session?
Usually about 2-3 hours, but it depends on the scene and what chemistry we have. We'll often do different ties with breaks in between.
What happens in a session?
Every session is different. What happens depends on the mutual fetishes we discover during our initial conversations, as well as the limits that are discussed and set. If there's something you would really like to try, let me know.
Can I be anonymous in the photos?
I do prefer being able to show your face, with a minimal blindfold covering your eyes. However, various degrees of anonymity are possible, from a simple bandana, to a hood, to a full body enclosure.
Do I have to sign a release?
When modeling for me, yes. I need to protect myself by verifying age and documenting consent. A copy of the release is here. When hiring me to photograph you for private photos that are not published (by me), then no.
How should I prepare for a session?
You should have eaten something before, but not a huge meal. Also, don’t drink too many liquids before hand. Don’t be drunk or high, I won’t even let you in. Be clean (showered) and please - no deodorant, cologne or body spray.
I’m allergic, do you have pets?
Yes, one cat, which is put in a another room during the session. I keep my bondage area free from hair as much as possible. But if you’re heavily allergic best to take anti-histamine before you arrive.